Chemical & Pharma

Chemical & Pharma

High performance IMS achieves resolution similar to that of HPLC/UPLC, and reaches a linear response range of several orders of magnitude.  This makes HPIMS is an ideal method for applications that require rapid detection and quantification, of which there are many in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. 

The fieldability of standalone HPIMS allows it to be used on-site in a manufacturing facility for quality control or cleaning validation.  It can also be used as a benchtop instrument in an R&D facility, where it can be used for formulation development, dissolution testing, or reaction monitoring.  HPIMS can separate structural isomers, a huge advantage in many stages of pharmaceutical development.

The addition of HPIMS to orthogonal methods such as HPLC or MS adds versatility to a lab’s analytical toolkit, and provides valuable information about molecular structure.

 Dr. Frederick Antosz presents pharmaceutical applications of HPIMS at the 2013 Pittcon conference:


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Reaction Monitoring

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